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award winning

Gehl's Buffalo Hill Ranch is owned by Mark and Kathy Gehl. It is located in west central Wisconsin near the community of River Falls. When they started over 15 years ago, Kathy was a city girl and Mark had a farming and construction background. They purchased a ranch, cleaned it up and headed to Denver where they purchased their first buffalo.

Today, they produce the finest Buffalo meats from their award winning stock.  Their herd is well cared for in large free range pastures. They are naturally fed and have no growth hormones or other chemicals introduced into them. Kathy and Mark are active members in the National Bison Association, Canadian Bison Association and several state associations and participate in every aspect of the bison industry.

Mark and Kathy welcome visitors, by appointment, to the ranch for close-up tours of their award-winning herd and to shop at their retail store for meat and buffalo related items.